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Going from published poet in Detroit to professional songwriter in LA, Zo Duncan combines genre-warping collabs with industry focus, ranging from creating R&B inspired Country music to demolishing an Afrobeat track.



Alonzo Duncan is an entrepreneur and songwriter from Detroit, Mi. Writing came natural to him so he began his career as a poet. He started writing poetry in high school as a hobby but it later blossomed into something more. A few years after high school, he released 2 self-published books of poems and short stories. Bridging off his success writing poems, he began writing songs. In 2017, he left his hometown to move to Los Angeles, CA to further his career. Although he no longer lives in Detroit, he still has roots there.



Mostly known as Zo, Alonzo Duncan, —born November 26, in Detroit, MI, started off as a poet. He spent most of his early adulthood writing poems and stories. After the release of his 2nd book, his focus shifted, and he began to branch into other things. His list of accomplishments varies vastly from being a published author, to creating, designing, and publishing a board game. Although he hadn’t narrowed down what he wanted to do with life yet, he knew he wanted to be a creator.​ Poetry began to shift into songwriting and from this, Zo the songwriter was born.

In 2017, he left his hometown to move to Los Angeles, CA to further his career as a song writer. As a result he has worked with K Michelle, Mickey Shiloh, and many more. Dubbed "Spike Lee of song writing’", Zo Duncan produces smooth, genre-breaking radio-ready tracks straight from the studio. His work takes in promo, media liaison, and song writing advice for other acts. Zo has a track record of eccentric releases set to inject new inspiration into current songcraft, plus a strong relationship with the most creative independent vocalists. His music has carved him a niche - with a catalogue influenced by everything from R&B to country to afrobeat to electronic music atop of hip hop, soul, and lo-fi inspired beats.


Focused on grouping differing artists on vocal led tracks at an industry level where new ideas are constantly generated, Zo has popular appeal whilst breaking out of derivative work, instead searching for the heart and soul of his music through the chemistry of co-writing and his beginnings as a published poet in his hometown of Detroit. At this moment he is high off the release of his first solo project, "Half Truths & Whole Lies", a 5 song EP that landed #3 on iTunes UK Top R&B Albums and #60 on iTunes UK Top 100 All Genres.

Stay in touch with me @zo_duncan on IG & Twitter. 

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