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All Hip Hop Feature - Zo Duncan Is Delighted With His Recent Success As An Artist

Zo is delighted with the way his career is moving at this point. In no time, he has gotten the support of so many fans and followers who absolutely love and respect his craft.

Zo Duncan is a prominent songwriter from Detroit, MI. He is quickly gaining notoriety in the music industry, but he believes his journey has just started. He is a published poet and author apart from a prolific songwriter. After making a name in the world of literature, he turned towards the music industry and hasn’t looked back since.

“In 2017, I moved to Los Angeles, CA because I realized that I could do more in Los Angeles than Detroit. However, that doesn’t mean I have any less love for my city— the city that made me complete. I feel proud of Detroit and its vibe and I’m glad more people from home are popping and getting the recognition they deserve” Zo said.

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