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Raptology Feature - Zo Duncan Is a Master of All Trades, a Specialist in the Booth

An expert in his craft, Zo Duncan is what you’d call music’s most valuable player when it comes to his versatility and sound.

Born and raised in Detroit city, Alonzo Duncan has always been captivated with songs from musical greats like greats like Johnta Austin and Rodney Jerkins among others. The blend of vocals, the flow and cadence, everything about dope music inspired the young creative to pursue the path to where he is now. Under the stage name Zo Duncan, he has invested time and effort to evolve from a published poet to a successful songwriter and executive producer.

He is most notable for his incredible ability to warp genres to find a sound that shatters his limits and creates audible ecstasy to the ear. From country, to dancehall, to Afrobeat, his R&B melodies can manifest over any type of music. The only rules to his process are those that compose something breathtaking to himself and his audience.

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