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This Is 50 Feature - Zo Duncan Drops Debut EP “Half Truths & Whole Lies”

A cornucopia of sounds, which has already reached number three on iTunes’ UK Charts for best R&B Album, Half Truths & Whole Lies is subtle and mellow, yet home to deeper emotions.

Zo Duncan has already worked as a portfolio creator for other artists, but his priority is fresh, intelligent R&B for those who want something authentic at one of the most happening levels of the music industry. A proper music maven, he is a master at taking the bits and pieces of other genres and fusing them into a gumbo of delicious sounds and feelings. In the process, he turns out something that gives a fresh perspective on the encyclopedic library of genres and techniques he uses, but also serves as a way of saying thanks to the influences that drove him to create in the first place.

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