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The other players guess if you're lying or telling the truth. All wrong guessers drink. If you don't have a story to tell or can't think of one in the alotted time, you drink.

"Have Lies?" Card Game

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  • How To Play:

    The first player pulls a card from the deck and reads the topic out loud. It is important that no one else sees the card.

    DO NOT read the action (Truth or Lie) out loud. The action determines the type of story you tell. If it says Truth, tell a true story based on the topic. If it says Lie, make up a story.

    After reading the topic out loud, that player will have 30 seconds to gather their story and another 30 seconds to tell it.

    The other players will choose if they believe the story is true or false. All players that believe it is a true story step to the left. All players that believe it is a lie, step to the right (or vice verse).

    The turn player then reveals their card to show the action and announce the right answer. All players that guessed wrong take a shot. (Yes this is a drinking game).

    Turn play continues clockwise until everyone is too drunk to continue or all the cards run out.

    Alternate Rules:

    You can keep score instead of taking shots but who wants to do that. Seriously, that is an option though. Drinking is not required.

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